Changing Expectation

Currently, care is typically purchased at a moment of crisis. Something unexpected has usually happened; the person or their main carer may have had a fall or is taken into hospital for some reason. This change in circumstance causes the main means of support for the individual to break down.

At this point of high anxiety and stress, families are frequently forced to find a new means of supporting their loved one very quickly. This stressed purchasing of care can lead to decisions having to be made that may have a major impact on the future quality of life of their loved one.

Guide Total Care wants to change this process. By developing a Total Care Pathway from early detection of problems to end of life, we aim to “guide” individuals and families through their journey of needing care and support. In this way, we hope that any decisions about the future care needs of an individual can be made before any crisis is reached, thus enabling individuals and their families to have a plan for what the next stage of care will be.

Guide Total Care aims to provide a comprehensive service that constantly and consistently supports the individual and their family through the care process. Recognising the need to provide appropriate care at different stages of the individual’s journey, we provide a variety of both services and environments for individuals and their families.

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