Service Philosophy

Guide Service Philosophy

Guide Total Care has a diverse and growing portfolio of residential and community care services. We recognise that each of our services is different, and is meeting a particular local or individual service user need.
This means that the range of our services is very wide and the make-up of individual staff teams can be very different.

Therefore, to define what a Guide service is, we have developed an overarching service philosophy – a set of ideas and beliefs that define what we are, and how we do things in all Guide services.
This service philosophy is our map and our compass, it is what we use to make any decision, large or small, whether it be our future business direction, or how we proved care, our service philosophy is the benchmark against which we judge ourselves.

The Guide Service Philosophy is made up of six key domains.

These six domains flow through everything that we do at Guide, regardless of our role or function or whether we receive a Guide service.

The six key domains of our service philosophy are:

this is at the core of all we do.

Our Mission is:
To provide first class quality care.

this what we are trying to achieve.

Our Aim is:
To become a leading provider of person-centred care, through the delivery of seamlessly, connected, specialist, and needs adapted services.

this is what we accept these to be true for all service users.

We believe that:

  • Everyone is unique
  • Everyone can achieve
  • Everyone’s journey is different.

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These are characteristics that we all should display in doing our jobs.

Our Behaviours are:

  • We approach things with an open mind
  • We enable everyone to be heard
  • We respect differences
  • We encourage and support choice
  • We take time • We see the whole person
  • We inspire people to have hope for the future
  • We recognise that individuals will achieve at their own pace

For each behaviour there is a corresponding experience.


This is how people who receive a Guide service should describe how they feel we relate to them.

Our Experiences are:

  • I am not judged
  • My opinion is heard
  • I can be myself
  • No decisions about me are made without me
  • People always have time for me
  • People see beyond my symptoms
  • I feel inspired to achieve more
  • I am able to achieve at my own pace


These are how we measure the success of the services Guide provides. To measure the success of our services and our service philosophy we use the same five key service quality questions as the CQC.

Our outcomes are:

  • Are our services safe?
  • Are our services effective?
  • Are our services caring?
  • Are our services responsive to people’s needs?
  • Are our services well-led?

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